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Derivatives &
Structured Products

A short introduction to derivatives such as forwards, futures and options. Derivatives are important to build up or hedge exposure to various risks. They are also a key to understand structured products. This short course, provides you with a non-mathematical approach to understand how derivatives work, how they are used and priced.

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Reuss Academy

Continuous education on topics relevant to you as client advisor

How can the Reuss Academy help you? What are the topics you would want to see addressed in future education events? Help define the content of future education sessions by speaking to M. Bögli at Reuss. 

Continuous education to fulfil the Fidleg requirements

Of course our clients expect us to stay ahead and continuously learn during our common journey. But the regulator does so too. Reuss Academy courses ensure you fulfil the continuous education requirements defined by Fidleg. 

SAQ certified education programs to retain your CWMA certification

All Reuss Academy courses are SAQ certified and count as recertification measure to retain your Certified Wealth Management Advisor title (CWMA). A minimum of 24 hours continuous education is required every three years. 

 Reuss Academy Courses


Your trainers

Vincent & Walter

say thank you for the trust, collaboration, and friendship over all these years. 
About Vincent & Walter
After many years at a large Swiss bank, they jointly started their own company NoscoPartners in 2013. The focus was on developing and delivering financial market training for bankers and financial professionals. Since then the business evolved around the central theme "Financial Market Expertise". Today NoscoPartners has three fields of business: education and e-learning, pension fund consulting and pension modelling. More info: