Nasdaq Derivatives

Take your derivative knowledge to the next level

Derivatives for Professionals

If you seek a solid foundation upon which you can build a career in derivatives, then the Nasdaq Derivatives for Professionals course is exactly what you need! This course introduces you to forwards, futures and options in a straightforward but rigorous way. And even if you already have some experience with derivatives, we think you're going to see a clearer, more intuitive explanation of derivatives than you have seen before. The course series introduces the main types of derivative instruments and explains how they are used, valued and risk managed. 
Take your derivative knowledge to the next level
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What's included?

Forwards, futures &

Learn all about the main derivative instruments, how they work, the financial jargon as well as the key ideas behind them. You will get comfortable with forwards, futures and options. 

Strategies, valuation &
risk management

See how futures & options are used and combined to strategies to implement a view. Understand and apply the main valuation concepts and learn how to risk manage a derivative position. 

Knowledge checks
test & diploma

Apply what you have learned in various exercises and knowledge checks . End the course with a final exam and earn the Nasdaq course diploma. 

Course content

Nasdaq Derivatives

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Follow up courses - The Derivative Master Topics

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Courses included

Derivatives Master Class

All Master Topics and more at the discounted bundle price. 

Your trainers

Vincent & Walter

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About Vincent & Walter
After many years at a large Swiss bank, they jointly started their own company NoscoPartners in 2013. The focus was on developing and delivering financial market training for bankers and financial professionals. Since then the business evolved around the central theme "Financial Market Expertise". Today NoscoPartners has three fields of business: education and e-learning, pension fund consulting and pension modelling. More info: