Regulators require financial advisors to maintain their knowledge and qualification

We provide a simple and effective way to meet FinSA / FidLeg or MiFID continuous development requirements.

Our solution at a glance

NoscoPartners draws on more than 20 years of business and training experience to provide relevant and practical training content.
Our certified courses are delivered on-demand through our online platform as e-learning, to minimize business disruption.

The platform allows for online testing and certification. It includes an automated compliance reporting ensuring the documentation of all continuous development efforts.

Altogether, an efficient and all-inclusive service to meet FinSA / FidLeg / MiFID continuous education requirements. 

Your benefits

Simple plug and play solution to meet FinSA development requirements.
  • Online access as webinar or e-learning to minimize business disruption.
  • Full administration, record keeping and reporting to meet compliance requirements.
  • Online test and certifications with third party accreditation
    (SAQ - Swiss Association for Quality)
  • Broad range of existing training courses.

Swiss Financial Service Act
FinSA / FidLeg

The FinSA contains rules on providing financial services and offering financial instruments for all financial service providers in Switzerland. More on FinSA.
Article 6 of the Swiss FinSA regulation sets a training and continuing professional development duty for financial advisors.

Article 7 shifts the implementation responsibility to financial service providers. It requires that employers ensure the continuing professional development necessary for their client advisors to perform their services.

Articles 30 and 31 extend the duty of continuous development to client advisors of foreign financial service providers doing business in Switzerland. 

MiFID II Article 25

MiFID II - The Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II aims to enhance the functioning of financial markets in the EU and strengthen investor protection. 
More on MiFID II
Article 25  Financial institutions must ensure that their employees, who provide advice to clients possess the necessary knowledge and skills to perform their duties.

Financial institutions must introduce appropriate measures and procedures to ensure that their employees possess and maintain the required qualifications. 

They must maintain records of the completed training and acquired qualifications.