Derivatives Advanced


This course builds on what we learned in the Derivatives Fundamentals course and takes your knowledge to new depths. With a focus on the valuation and risk management aspects of derivative positions, we explore both the trading and investment side of the derivatives market. We first discuss the pricing of forwards and futures through arbitrage concepts. Building on this knowledge, we delve into option models to uncover the value and risks of  option. We then use this expertise to analyze more sophisticated option strategies. 

Study Time

16 hours

Interactive Lectures

33 e-lectures

Case Study

1 case study

Test & Certificates

1 Certificates

Your benefits

Kickstart your derivative knowledge

The secrete to derivatives is not about complicated formulas, but about understanding a few central concepts. We will explain these central ideas with very little math. You will leave this course with a solid foundation from which to wander deeper into the derivatives world. 

Proven on the training floor

This course was born out of 20 years of experience on the trading floor. It has been built around practical insights which are often not included in classical derivative books. The Derivative Fundamentals course is an ideal preparation for the Derivatives Master Class. 

Continuous education credits

This course is eligible for continuous education credit (CEC) from the Swiss certification provider SAQ. Should you require other CEC registrations, please be in touch with us. 

You should plan 9-weeks to go through this course. 
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Your trainers

Vincent & Walter

say thank you for the trust, collaboration, and friendship over all these years. 
About Vincent & Walter
After many years at a large Swiss bank, they jointly started their own company NoscoPartners in 2013. The focus was on developing and delivering financial market training for bankers and financial professionals. Since then the business evolved around the central theme "Financial Market Expertise". Today NoscoPartners has three fields of business: education and e-learning, pension fund consulting and pension modelling. More info: