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Our derivative courses

Derivatives Fundamentals

All you need to GET STARTED on derivatives and build a solid foundation. An introduction to forwards, futures, and options in a straightforward but rigorous way. There are no pre-requisites. All you need is an interest in the topic and we will take your from the start to the finish line!

Derivatives Advanced

Building on the product knowledge established in the Derivative Fundamentals course, we focus on the pricing and risk management of forwards, futures and options. We discuss option strategies, introduce a simple pricing model and review the greeks and how they are used by option traders. 

Derivatives Master Topics

The Derivative Master Topics are challenging deep-dives into selected topics. All the insights that you will not find in books, but which are acquired on the trading floor. We discuss risk neutral valuation and option model calibration, volatility markets and trading, American options, investor strategies, FX derivatives and much more. 

Derivative course bundles and coached programs

Derivatives Kick-Starter Bundle

Get to full speed in 2 months with this Kick-Starter Bundle which includes:

Derivatives Fundamentals
Derivatives Advanced
Total Return Swaps

Derivatives Master Class

All Master Topics in one Bundle. This is a challenging 3-5 Month providing insights from the trading floor. You must already have a general understanding of derivatives. We first review the basic topics, but then increase the pace to reach a master level.

Coaching with Walter & Vincent

Having a coach on the side will greatly improve your experience. We are here to guide you through the program. this includes a personal kick-off call, regular in person review sessions and ongoing email accessibility for questions.

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About Vincent & Walter
After many years at a large Swiss bank, they jointly started their own company NoscoPartners in 2013. The focus was on developing and delivering financial market training for bankers and financial professionals. Since then the business evolved around the central theme "Financial Market Expertise". Today NoscoPartners has three fields of business: education and e-learning, pension fund consulting and pension modelling. More info: