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These e-learning topics are shorter carveouts of our flagship courses. They are suited to review a specific topic, or to quickly collect continuous education credits. For a more in-depth exploration of subject, we recommend our financial market flagship courses. 


"...thank you for the courses you taught on Portfolio Management. They were extremely informative and practical. I think I learnt more in those two days than I did in an entire semester of Portfolio Theory at University!"

Alex L, UBS London

UBS London
"The Derivative Master Class provides a comprehensive insight into the strategies and mechanisms of options trading. Walter Brägger is an absolute expert and professional. He is very skilled at simplifying valuable information from the trading floors."

Phil Marsanik, Avecco

CEO Avecco
"Dear Walter, dear Vincent, I just wanted to say thank you for the excellent training course on portfolio theory, analysis and risk management. It was exceptionally helpful and I felt both the content of the materials together with your expertise and guidance were of high quality."

James V, Managing Director

UBS Zürich

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Courses in collaboration with SIX-Education